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Northwood High School Library Home Page: Black-Eyed Susan (BES) Reading Program

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Black-Eyed Susan Reading Program

What is the Black-Eyed Susan Reading Program?

The Black-Eyed Susan Reading Program (BES) is a student choice award for the state of Maryland. The BES Award honors outstanding nominees comprising of 10 chapter books for grades 6-9, 10 chapter books for HS, and 10 graphic novels. Students in the state of Maryland vote for the winning book in each category. Students actually pick the winners!

What does my child have to do in order to participate in the BES program?

Participation in this reading program is voluntary and fun! Grades 9-12 may vote for their favorite chapter book and/or graphic novel. Students must have read or listened to at least 3 from the same category of the 30 nominated chapter books and/or graphic novels, along with completing a short survey about the book in order to vote for his/her favorite books. Voting will take place in April. Survey forms can be found on the Media Center website or in the Media Center. Copies of each book can be found in the Media Center for students to check out as well as the public library.

Where can I get more information about this reading program?

Check out Maryland Association of School Librarians (MASL) website for more information about the program and resources.